Texans are known for doing everything in a big way. This includes having fun, especially for special celebrations you want to remember for years to come. Here at Vivid Gentlemen’s Club, we make sure your adult parties more than meet your expectations. We have found that our customers book adult parties for a variety of reasons, some you may not have considered. Here are the five top reasons!


Looking for one last night on the town with the boys before settling into the married life? What better way to celebrate it than with live dancers, plenty of drinks and an atmosphere of pure abandon? Book a private area or enjoy the full spectrum we offer, just don’t fail to show up. You and your friends will be discussing this party for years to come.


All birthdays are not equal. Special ones such as your 21st, 30th and 50th deserve to be celebrated uniquely. These are the most important birthdays as an adult. Gather your friends and family and head out for an adults-only night of fun and entertainment.


You work hard. It is a known fact that all work and no play is not mentally or physically healthy. Why not treat your employees to a company party that will rival their deepest fantasies? A party with us will have your employees feeling refreshed and energized for the coming year and will instill anticipation for the next company party. Happy employees make productive employees.


College graduations, a job promotion, a divorce or a retirement are all major transition events in your adult world. Don’t let them go by without fanfare. Grab some friends and plan a night of fun and entertainment in the company of those who matter the most to you. Milestones should not be ignored. They are meant to be celebrated to their fullest.


Vivid Gentlemen’s Club hosts many special events. Show your guests from outside Houston the time of their lives by attending one of these events. Make it a party so your out-of-town guests can meet your in-town friends. Show them how Texans party when they are given a chance.


Vivid Gentlemen’s Club wants to make your special events epic. Our lathe facilities, live entertainment, and friendly staff are waiting for you now. Don’t let another event come and go without seeing what we offer. You won’t be disappointed.