A life without work and play isn’t a life at all and men need a guys’ night out to break free and have some fun every once and a while. Fortunately, sports parties, fight parties, and ample adult events in Houston provide plenty of opportunities for men to blow off steam and enjoy some life on the edge. When you are ready to have a night on the town, the following are some suggestions we highly recommend.

Plan Ahead

The first thing you need to do is get permission from your wife or girlfriend. Don’t skip this step unless you really want to sleep on the couch for the next month. As soon as you get your partner’s blessing, get on the phone with your friends and get a plan together.

You will want to choose something that everyone in the group will enjoy. Sports parties in Houston are always popular, and with the Astros, Texans and Rockets, it’s possible to catch a game of some type nearly year-round. A tailgate party and a game are a perfect kickoff for a memorable evening.
Of course, there is always going to be “that one guy” who doesn’t want to go to the stadium. He’s probably thrilled that his girlfriend is letting him off his leash for the night, and he is going to want to head straight into some adult events in Houston.

VIVID Houston

That’s quite alright and VIVID Live in Houston has your group covered. We feature every major football, basketball, and baseball game on our massive television displays. This means that you can watch the game, eat a delicious dinner and enjoy the evening in the company of some of the most beautiful women in Houston – and all you have to tell the missus when you get home is that you watched the game and ate dinner with friends.

That’s right; a night at VIVID Live gives everyone in the group plausible deniability for anything and everything that happens on your guys’ night out.
Finally, phones need to be left in the car and used only if one of you ends up in Vegas or lost on the other side of the border. This makes sure that absolutely nothing ever ends up on Facebook, Instagram or the company blog.

The talented dancers at VIVID Live in Houston love our VIPs and treat guys’ night out as a sacred holiday. We invite you to contact us for more information about our VIP offers and the things we can do to make your night on the town an unforgettable evening that will not be the talk of the town.