When it comes to gentlemen’s clubs, the best ones have a staff of dancers, servers, and bartenders that know how to make a guest feel special. But that level of respect is a two-way street, especially when dealing with dancers. Although the vast majority of guests we have here at VIVID Gentlemen’s Club truly knows this is a “gentlemen’s” club, there are always a few who might forget what that means.

Being respectful to the girls is a crucial part of having a great night out at any live adult entertainment venue. When guests hold up that end of the bargain, everyone ends up being a lot happier. When they don’t, their night can go south real quick. So in order to help you have the true VIVID experience, we’ve made up a list of tips (think of them as rules, actually) that everyone here, especially our gorgeous girls, would love for you to take into consideration the next time you visit us here at Houston’s best gentlemen’s club.

Don’t Objectify

Yes, it’s her job to get up close and make you feel good. But that doesn’t mean that’s all she is in life. She punches out and heads home at the end of her shift just like you do. Recognize that these women have lives outside the club, and you’ll find that you start to treat them like actual human beings. (Imagine that!)

Yes, fantasy is a huge part of any live adult entertainment experience. But respect and fantasy aren’t mutually exclusive. See her as an individual, treat her right, and she’ll do the same for you.

Always be Tipping

Again, these women are at work. And we go to work to get paid. Don’t get confused; this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any genuine interest in making you feel good. In fact, many times it’s the opposite. Dancers can be so passionate about their work that they put their heart and soul into it night after night, but at the end of the day, it’s still a job.

Recognize that dynamic. Tip these women, because if you don’t, word will spread fast around the club and the girls will decide that the cheapskate over at table five isn’t worth their time.

Easy on the Booze

Alcohol is a funny thing. More often than not, the guy who drank the most might think he’s the most charming guy in the room, while every single person in the room sees him as the exact opposite.

“Liquid courage” can blend into “liquid stupidity” so easily. Pace yourself. Try to set limits. Very few dancers will see a guy who’s getting too familiar with everyone while slurring his words and slumping in his chair and think “that’s a guy I’d like to spend time with.”

Follow these basic rules, and you should have the time of your life here at VIVID, whether it’s a daytime visit with our awesome happy hour specials or a wild weekend with one of our world-famous VIVID girls.

See you soon.