It isn’t unusual to see an adult star or two when you visit us at VIVID Gentlemen’s Club. Not only do they stop by for special events but many also find the atmosphere of our Houston gentlemen’s club an inviting place to spend the evening. You may want to meet your favorite adult performer in person and that is a possibility. Following some common tips will help make the encounter a pleasant one for both of you.


Adult performers are first and foremost human beings. They expect and deserve to be treated as you would want to be treated, with respect. Don’t talk crudely, make inappropriate gestures or ask for special “favors.”  Don’t treat your favorite star as though they are the part they play. Consider they may be entirely different in person than what you see while they are performing and may be shy.


This is a rule. You wouldn’t feel comfortable walking up the sidewalk and having strangers grab you, touch private areas or even give you an uninvited hug. If you would like to give a hug, ask for permission, but respect the person’s wishes if they say “no.”


This is sometimes the hardest thing. You see your favorite adult entertainer enjoying a drink or meal, or you notice them heading off to the restroom. Nobody wants to be bothered when they are eating or taking care of personal needs. You can ask a waitress to send a drink to the star’s table from you. Many will take a moment to come by personally and thank you when they are finished.


Try not to go into explicit details that would be embarrassing for anyone to talk about in a public setting. The performer knows what their role was. It might gain you an extra smile and even a few more minutes of conversation if you can show you have seen some of their more obscure work. Whatever you do, don’t criticize their work and expect to be treated kindly.


You may consider it as trying to get up the nerve to speak, but if you keep showing up a few feet away from everywhere the adult performer is standing or sitting, it becomes creepy. Taking photos of them without permission also borders on strange behavior. Rehearse what you want to say, take a deep breath and speak up. You will most likely find your object of fear is one of the most beautiful human beings you have ever spoken with.  Most of all, enjoy the opportunity to meet adult performers at VIVID. It can be the best experience of your lifetime.