We’re in the middle of that span of time between spring break and the end of the school year. For some of you, graduation might even be coming around the corner. No matter what the specifics may be, there’s no question that you and your boys deserve to be rewarded for all that time spent struggling to pay attention during lectures and staying up all night writing midterm papers. There’s a lot of things a group of guys like you can get into during a big night out on the town, but no matter what you and your squad agree on, just know that a visit to Vivid Gentlemen’s Club is definitely in your best interests. We’ve got some of the hottest dancers in the country, let alone Texas, and they’d all love to make a college boy feel appreciated before he kicks off his summer.

But what about in those hours leading up to your visit to Vivid Gentlemen’s Club? Well, if you’re looking to find a nice little opening act to warm up to before you head to the main event here, we’ve got a few ideas that you and your crew might be down for.

Play Your Cards Right

This is Texas, so let’s act accordingly. Having the guys over for a few hands of Texas Hold ‘Em before heading over to Vivid Gentlemen’s Club is always a solid idea. Nothing gets a group of dudes into the right “guys night out” mindset better than an hour or two of busting chops and stacking chips. Plus, all that extra cash you win off your boys can go right to one of our gorgeous dancers.

Pass The Popcorn

A night at the movies, or even a night at home watching a new release or time-tested classic on a streaming service, is always a great warm-up for any night out. Pick your movie wisely, though. You want to get into the right mindset, so keep it within the “guys night out” vein.

We suggest “Roadhouse.”

Hey Man, Nice Shot

Nothing brings out that primal male vibe quite like a visit to the range, and Houston certainly has plenty of those. Pop off a few rounds before you and the boys pop off a few bottles. Trust us; it’s always a great combo. (So long as it’s done in that order, of course.)

These are just a few ideas, but in a city like Houston, there are a plethora of things your crew can get into on their big night out. Remember that no matter what you choose, a visit to Vivid is an absolute must! Check out our calendar to see what upcoming appearances and events we’ll be hosting, and contact us directly if you have any questions.

We’ll see you at the club.